Welcome to Gevers Paving Co., Inc.

About Our Company

Gevers Paving has been a family owned and operated company since 1966.  The company takes pride in every job it performs from small patches to large scale parking lots.  With a crew of experienced and qualified laborors each job is performed to the highest standard.  Free estimates are provided - either Gregg or Al Gevers will drive by your job or meet with you personally to assess your asphalt needs and provide a written proposal.  Gevers Paving is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Asphalt Paving

Each job is assessed to obtain the best results possible.  Due to the condition of existing asphalt, it may need to be excavated or can be overlayed.  The asphalt is installed by a mechanical paver, where applicable, and compacted by a power roller.  Proposals are based upon the thickness of the asphalt AFTER compaction.  The edges of patches will be graduated for a smoother transition and sand sealed for longevity.  If the edge is exposed it will be hand luted by an experienced lute man to obtain as straight a line as possible (to provide a clean, finished appearance).

Asphalt Sealing

To increase the lifetime of your asphalt, it should be sealed on a regular basis.  However, this does not necessarily mean yearly.  Too much sealer can actually decrease the longevity of your pavement.  Commercial sealing generally involves a two coat process.  The first coat is applied by hand squeegee and the second coat by mechanical sprayer.  Both coats are applied over the entire surface.  Residential sealing requires one coat by hand squeegee.  A premium sealer with sand is used for all our sealing customers.  Sealer applications will be specified on each proposal.


  • Depending upon individual commercial needs, work can be split into sections to least disrupt business or traffic flow.
  • We work with a wide range of reputable and quailified subcontractors and can support a large scale job with multiple needs, such as concrete work, striping, rotomilling, and pavers.  Each subcontractor is chosen based upon their quality of work and integrity.